Beauty is a Divine Gift

Beauty enlightens
Body, mind and heart
Beauty nourishes the soul.
Beauty is a divine gift
Every one has been desperate
To search beauty.
Life is but
A ceaseless search of beauty.
One searches it more and more
But one craves for it more and more.

Beauty is a divine gift.
There is beauty
In every particle of nature,
In trees, in bushes, in crops, in grasses,
In the endless Dutch fields
Blossoming with tulips,
In the dew drops
Hanging on the tips of grass blades,
In summer drizzle,
In winter snows,
In twinkling stars,
In the Galaxies sparkling the skies,
In the luminous Moon,
In the sun warming the Earth.
Beauty is reigning over the whole Universe.

Beauty is a divine gift.
The more intense it is
The more soothing it is.
The more it is searched
The more it is wanted.
Beauty is the unending desire
Of the fulfilled soul,
Beauty is a command
Of our pure conscience.

Beauty is a divine gift.
Evolution is transcendentally enhancing it.
Universe is expanding
So is beauty.

There is boundless beauty everywhere
We need to fill it within.
We need to fill it within
Because that brings joy for ever,
That makes us love all life forms on Earth,
That inspires us to save our Earth,
That inspires us to preserve
The beauty of out Universe.
by Vir Singh

Copyright © 2002
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