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Ashati Psychic & Spiritual Development

Created by : Jerome Baudel

- Awaken & Expand all Psychic Abilities -

Each Ashati initiation will activate a 21 day cleansing and integration cycle. It is important for initiates to take care of themselves during this time and to perform regular self-healing and meditations (ideally every day). There will also be a required 30 day break between each attunement. this is asked so the fullness of the Ashati energies can be assimilated into your consciousness.

Ashati is a brand new energy attunement that was created by Jerome Baudel who personally attuned me to all 3 levels within the Ashati. This system will work with each individual in many ways but I personally found that as I worked through each of the different degree's that my intuition and psychic awareness just kept growing. Now that I have completed my Ashati training and have worked with these energies for some time I am able to look back to see the dramatic spiritual leap that has occured within my life.

As stated, each person will experience something unique for them as you work with Ashati but it is my hope that both during and after your training you will also see the same dramatic change occurring within your own life.

The Ashati path is one of personal healing, awakening, transformation and ascension.

This course and the energies it gives to the initiate are very different from those within the Reiki or the Seichim systems and of a much higher vibrational frequency. The Ashati energies are completely new to Earth and are directly linked to mental healing (both lower and higher minds) and spiritual ascension. As the emotional body and the physical body are very much linked to and controlled by the lower mental energies (thoughts, patterns, beliefs etc.), the Ashati energies also facilitate a lot of deep emotional and physical healing/clearing.

As the psychic senses, the spiritual bodies and our manifestation abilities are very much linked and controlled by the higher mental energies, the Ashati energies also create a lot of healing and transformation on the highest levels within our being and within our lives (this includes past life healing). Each of these attunements is a strong spiritual experience. The process is guided by a higher consciousness and the Higher Self of the recipient and is therefore completely safe. The attunement can also increase psychic sensitivity and a greater ability to manifest. You may notice an instant change or a more gradual shift over days or weeks after an initiation. Once you have received an attunement, you will have the ability to channel that specific energy for the remainder of your life.

Ashati Level 1

The Ashati 1 training is the foundation course for the development of your healing and psychic abilities. It is a course that is designed to give you the required information, energies and skills to facilitate a spectacular metamorphosis of your entire being (mind, body and spirit).

The energy healing within this level will teach you about the Ashati energy, the first Ashati symbol and how these energies and symbol can have transforming effects on the lower mind. As the mental energies manifest within our lives most will stem from our emotions and will have a much greater impact on the physical well-being of an individual. The Ashati energies will facilitate this healing through the awakening and changes on all levels. This course will equip you with many different techniques that you can use to treat yourself as well as others and also the development of your psychic and spiritual gifts.

Ashati Level 1 Manual Content

- Information about the Ashati Attunement
- The Ashati 1 Energies Overview
- The First Ashati Symbol
- Hands-On Healing Technique
- Symbol Healing
- Distance healing
- Visualisation Work
- Importance of Psychic Protection
- Clairvoyance Foundation Training
- Symbols Interpretation
- Working with your Higher Self
- Clairaudience Foundation Training
- Working with your Spirit Guides
- Clairsentience
- Emotional Re-Connection Technique

Ashati Psychic & Spiritual Development- Level 1-$85.00

Ashati Level 2

This training is centred on healing, connecting with and developing your higher mind. A new symbol is introduced for this purpose.

The attunement is very different from the Ashati 1, Reiki and most other energy initiations. Indeed, in addition to giving you access to much higher energies, it will permanently clear, increase and strengthen the connection between your lower and your higher minds. On the energy level, this is represented as a stronger link between your brow (and third eye) and solar plexus chakras. The higher energies that this attunement gives you access to will facilitate deep healing and transformation within your higher mind but also within your lower mind, your thought patterns, beliefs, manifestation power and psychic abilities.

This connection between your lower and higher minds will also help you develop higher mental abilities and become more aware of your subconscious and unconscious knowledge, thoughts and beliefs.

The level 2 energies and techniques are to be used in complement to the Ashati 1 energies and methods of healing which are centred on the lower mind.

Ashati Level 2 Manual Content

- Information about the Ashati Attunement
- The Higher Mind Connection
- The Second Ashati Symbol
- Using Energy Cords Effectively
- Hands-On Healing (Level 2 Technique)
- Symbol Healing
- Blowing Mental Images
- Belief Work
- Affirmations and Invocations
- Mental Programs
- Distance Healing
- What to expect after a healing
- The Higher Mind Connection
- Switching Mind Perspectives
- Using the Higher Mind Perspective
- The 1-2 Technique
- Developing the Higher Mind Connection
- Non-Verbal Thinking - Definition and benefits
- Practising Non-Verbal Thinking
- Non-Verbal Thinking - Advanced Abilities

Ashati Psychic & Spiritual Development- Level 2-$130.00

Ashati Level 3

The third level trains and equips initiates with the tools to become manifestation and spiritual guidance masters. It includes a new and very powerful symbol and teaches you how to perform all the attunements.

The initiation will give you access to higher energies as well as permanently clear, increase and strengthen the connection between your Higher Mind and The Divine Mind. On the energy level, this is represented as a stronger link between your third eye, your Higher Self and a much higher dimension where individuality does not exist and where thoughts are expressed in their simplest form as pure thoughts and intentions.This connection will create a deeper relaxation in your being and in your mind, as well as a different brain pattern (more theta brainwave activity). From this altered state of consciousness and from this higher dimension, you will be able to perform readings, clearings and manifest healing on ALL levels for yourself, others, animals.

The level 3 energies and techniques which are completely different are to be used in addition to the Ashati 1 and Ashati 2 energies and methods of healing and development.

This level and its initiation will trigger major changes within your energy field and will help you to develop your mind and all psychic abilities to a new level. Ashati Level 3 Manual Content

- Information about the Ashati Attunement
- The Third Ashati Symbol
- The Divine Mind Connection
- Psychic Scan Technique
- Healing Techniques
- Healing Cords
- Energy and Entity Clearing
- Energy and Chakra Balancing
- Spiritual Guidance & Messages
- Creating Mental Programs
- The Divine Mind Connection
- Switching Mind Perspectives
- The 1-2-3 Technique
- Developing the Divine Mind
- Pure Intention & Intention Thinking
- Psychic Readings & the Divine Mind
- The procedure for passing on energy activations is now offered as part of the Ashati Teacher course only and no longer in the Ashati 3 course.

Ashati Psychic & Spiritual Development-Package Level 3-$205.00

Hello Victor, I thank you for the level 1 attunement. My experience was interesting. On sitting in meditation to receive the attunement, as a sensitive, I could feel the energies flooding over my entire body. Then I felt my heart chakra being worked on. It felt as if little elves were pricing my heart chakra with pins. This went on for approximately 40 seconds. My guide informed me that my heart chakra was receiving etheric surgery, facilitated by and a direct result of having received the attunement. I have done the 21 day self-healing as a stand-alone modality simply to feel the effects. My solar plexus chakra has become bigger and brighter as noted by a psychic in a psychic circle. Blessings! Sar

You will receive the correct Ashati Psychic & Spiritual Development manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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