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Waka Poetry

For the times to come

And of meeting what must be met

All of our people

Must be taught to walk along

The path of sincerity.

Every morning

We gaze into our mirrors

Which are unblemished;

Oh, that we could attain

Such a purity of soul.

Empress Shoken


It is our hope

That all the world's oceans

Be joined in peace,

So why do the winds and waves

Now rise up in angry rage?

Thinking that all peoples all over the world are joined in peace and brotherhood, we wonder why the winds and waves of international trouble are now rising up in anger.


The Spacious Sky

Spans serene and clear

So blue above,

Oh, that our soul could grow

And become so open!

Like the blue sky that stretches over us, we ourselves should like to have a heart so large and open.


The morning sun

Rises so splendidly

Into the sky;

Oh, that we could attain

Such a clear reviving soul!

We should like to have a heart or soul that is as pure, bright and refreshing as the morning sun rising high into the sky.


High in the sky

There can be seen towering

A tall mountain,

Were one but wish to climb it

A path of ascent exists.

Even that high mountain seen towering in the sky can be climbed if we desire to do so. No matter how difficult a task may seem, there is always a way of doing it if we make the effort.


In a world of storms

Let there be no wavering

Of our human hearts;

Remain as the pine tree

With root sunk deep in stone.

Although storms bring awful destruction to the world, the pine tree clings firmly to it's roots. Like that pine tree, we, in our faith and conviction, need not be shaken by the world around us.

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