Did Jesus Use a Modem?

Did Jesus use a modem at the Sermon on the Mount? Did he ever try to broadcast a fax, to send his message out? Did the disciples carry beepers, as they went about their route?

Did Paul use a laptop, With lots of RAM and ROM? Were his letters posted on a BBS, from Paul@jerusalem.Com? Did the man from Macedonia, send an Email saying come?

Did Moses use a joystick, at the parting of the sea? And a satellite Guidance tracking system, to show him where to be? Did he write the law on tablets, or are they really on CD?

Did Jesus really die for us, one day upon a tree? Or was it just a hologram, or technical wizardry? Can you download the live action video clip, to play on your PC?

Have the wonders of this modern age, made you question what is true? How a single man, in a simple time, could offer life anew?

How a sinless life, a cruel death, Then a glorious life again, Could offer more to a desperate world, than all the inventions of man?

If in your life, the voice of God, is sometimes hard to hear. With other voices calling, his doesn't touch your ear. Then set aside your laptop and modem, and all your fancy gear.

And open your Holy Book and open your Heart and let Jesus come in!

Author Unknown

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