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Feng Shui and The Angels

"Do you mean to tell me there is a window in the 'Fame and Reputation' area of every room in this house?" I stood with the bagua map in hand, talking to myself. I had been walking through my home, taking note of the various areas within each room, adding up the enhancements I'd made to them and seeing what the sum of the parts was. I chuckled as I realized I'd improved several areas but totally neglected others without even realizing it.

As I stood there, I began to wonder where the locations for the areas not on the map were. Where, I wondered, is the area for listening well, for enhancing one's ability to hear the Angels? Where is the area to be enhanced for opening ears and hearts to heaven's message? Where is the fixed point that brings the ethereal into the physical?

I glanced around the room but found no clues there. I looked again at the bagua map I'd drawn. Then it dawned on me. Bringing the ethereal into the physical has a map of its own. The assumed fixed point is really a moveable location. Sometimes the location for enhancement is the paper I write on and the pen I write with. Other times, it is the tape recorder, the tape, the microphone, and my voice. Always, it is enhancement through changing the energy of the Angel's message into human words; a seemingly magical moment.

When words are put on paper or spoken aloud, the order of the words and the words chosen "arrange" the flow of the energy within the message. The message brought in from heaven may be the same for several writers/channelers, but it is the skill of the channeler who places it onto the paper or speaks the words into the tape recorder that determines the energetic form of the piece.

Angels bring complete messages from God to mankind. When the channeler records the message, they write or say what it is they are able to hear, using the words and forms of language they know. Angels do not dictate exact words or phrases to you. They wish for you to be part of the process and bring your ability to write well to it.

Channelers stand on earth with clear openings through the veil above their heads. These openings look, from the perspective of the Angels, like searchlight beams. Instead of reflecting off the clouds, these beams are brilliant and filled with very bright concentrated light of great clarity. The beams part the veil permanently and all listening at these open lines hear great things. Consider telephone systems. A telephone company engineer tells me that when we place a call our voices are turned into light and sent via fiber optic cables. Channeling is the same thing without the use of the cables.

When you first desired to hear the Angels for yourself you may have read or listened to the words of those who channel, tapping into the connection someone else had as though it was a "party line"; one phone line serving several households. You listened for similar types of messages to come in through you and, perhaps, compared your writings to those of others. People who listen and tap into the connections various channelers have gain in experience and knowledge when they test the messages using their own discernment and accept that which resonates with them. This is perfectly acceptable to do while you are becoming comfortable with the idea and exploring the range of your ability although the "party line" type of access is meant to be a temporary thing. All people are able to hear the Angels themselves. It is a big step for most to learn to step into their own light and clear their channel which begins when fear is left behind and love allowed to become first and foremost in life.

We are all interconnected. You may have heard the expression; "The light is on but nobody's home." The Angels tell us that when all of the lights are on and everybody is home, all will have come to the realization of their true homes and the veil will no longer exist. The Feng Shui area that enhances a person's ability to hear the Angels will have been perfected.

Continue to be the clear beacons that you are. Continue to stand in the love that pours down from heaven and washes over you. Continue to be wrapped within that love. Allow it to circulate freely so the world may be filled with light and love, for love is. Love always is.

By Catherine M. Kasper

and so it is.

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