Meditation to Facilitate Ones Capacity for Unconditional Love

Divide yourself into two aspects, A and B. A is the aspect of yourself that is whole, compassionate, warm, loving; like a true friend or the best parent, willing to be there for you, is responsive and open to you without ever judging you, whatever your faults or shortcomings.

B is an aspect of you that has been hurt, that feels misunderstood and frustrated, bitter or angry, who might have been, for example, unjustly treated or abused as a child, or has suffered in relationships or been wronged by society.

Now, as you breathe in, imagine that A opens his or her heart completely, and warmly and compassionately accepts and embraces all of Bs suffering and negativity and pain and hurt. Moved by this, B opens his or her heart and all pain and suffering melt away in this compassionate embrace.

As you breathe out, imagine A sending out to B all of his or her healing love, warmth, trust, comfort, confidence, happiness, and joy.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche

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