We have endeavored to make clear that, underlying all possibilities of healing, there should be found ultimate Laws or Principles of Health and healing which, when understood, will enable us to differentiate, study and classify every type of cure, each under its own law.

Science is extending its research into "ultra" matter on a basis on unclassified facts; it has gathered series of results which, while not yet scientifically tabulated - and cannot be until more is known - justify hypotheses concerning the electron and the electrical theory of matter, and N and ultra-violet rays. In equal manner, also, do the existing facts of healing by drugs, by polarization, by the aid of planetary elemental essence, by faith, by intermediation of angel helpers, by prayer, by the power of the Higher Self upon its three bodies, justify an hypothesis as to their source, and methods of expression. The drugless and the instantaneous cures contain strong evidence that they are temporary manifestations of the super-powers of a permanent, living Law of Nature, the Law of Health. The facts of super-aid, as well as drug-aid in healing, are facts; which indicate that Health has a definite source and that it exists eternally; that it uses both visible and invisible agencies; that some of these agencies appear transcendent or super-physical to us, because of our own ignorance; also that the law will unfold its hidden secrets to those who faithfully study its workings.

The evidence indicate that all of these Health powers, physical and super-physical powers, exists eternally within the scope of the Health law, and are under the direction of its intelligent administrators, the Shining Ones; but they only manifest to the perception of the physical senses as each man's own evolutionary need calls them out. For there is no waste in the administering of laws of Nature; but, as in the physical manifestation of the ultra-violet and the N rays, so with the ultra cases of healing. The power seems to be mainly non-existent, or to be spasmodic and variable, because it does not appear within the sphere of physical consciousness except when its own proper conditions and need for manifestation are present.

What separated points have we now discussed which, put together, will help to prove that all types of cures are subject to, or are accomplished under, fixed laws, and that therefore they can be scientifically investigated?

First Matter

(a) Grades of Matter. The fact of the existence of different grades of matter is no longer questioned. Nor do scientists entertain any doubt that the several types of matter, solid liquids, gases and ethers enter into the composition of each human body. Western science admits that each atom of every grade of matter floats in and is surrounded by Ether; that Ether is the finest grade of matter known, but little has learned concerning it.

Occultism - ancient divine science - clearly states that every atom lives in its own world enveloped by ether; the sense of hearing, for instance, through regarded as the result of vibrations of air, "is carried on through the medium of the ether which surrounds the particles. It is Ether as the Root of Matter, which gives to senses their feeling of reality." From the standpoint of Occultism, all grades of matter interpenetrate throughout space, but in human bodies these grades are organized by the Self, for the use of the Self, into interpenetrating but separate vehicles, as the physical body, the astral, or desire-emotion body, the mental body; as evolution advances, each of these bodies is rebuilt, again and again, by the Self, of the finer and purer matter of its grade.

(b) Rates of Vibration. It is common knowledge that the vibratory limits of the three lower grades, solids, liquids and gases, differ, the vibrations being more rapid in liquids than in solids, and still higher in gases. Such observations as have been made on human bodies indicate that diseases of phlegm (liquid) - as tuberculosis - are much slower in vibratory action, run longer courses and recover more slowly than those of gases or heat, such as fevers.

As to Ether, that statement of Sir J. J. Thompson, previously quoted, proves that the electrons - which are etheric in their nature - move with almost inconceivable rapidity. If then the relief of any form of disease should be secured through the ethers, the reasonable inference is that it would be done with an instantaneousness corresponding to the vibratory swiftness of etheric matter.

(c) Ether the Coming Element. An occult statement previously quoted says of Ether that it is the coming - the fifth - element; that it is semi-material as yet, indicating that, as with air, fire, water, earth, vast periods of time passed before they, under their own evolutionary laws, came out of their occult, their hidden state, and became gradually materialized, so with ether. It is still hidden in large measure, whether we seek to observe its working in the cosmos or in human bodies; but by analogy we can see that as air, fire and water has each its own special method of working, and its particular function to perform in human bodies, so will Ether have its own methods in them. One characteristic to recognize it by will be the instantaneous with which the cure is accomplished.

Second Life

(a) Life moves Matter. We now turn to the life side of spirit-matter to find its relation to healing. Ether, as with all other grades of matter, can never be but partially studied unless its life side, its essential activity as spirit-matter, is recognized. Occultism teaches that "while Nature which is Divine Matter, provides all the mechanism for activity, it is Life, which is Divine Spirit, that sets going and directs that mechanism." The mechanism of matter cannot operate of itself, nor can Life manifest without the aid of substance; spirit-matter, these two poles of Divine Energy are dependent each upon the other for manifestation.

(b) Life limited by Matter. Under the explanation of a law of planetary elemental essence which has an intelligence all its own, and which is graded according to its own stage of evolution, the theory of a connective, collective life in every atom and molecule of matter is no longer speculative; any matter which can manifest adhesion, affinity, repulsion, can sense heat and cold, can respond to and be overcome by poisons, can show definite symptoms of fatigue and illness, has an element of life and health existing in it which must be dealt with as intelligence in matter, whether that matter be of earth, water, air, fire or ether. This life carries on its evolutionary work under deva direction, in mineral, plant and animal, under immense limitations. So great are these limitations that we speak of the life in these three grades or planes of matter as sub-conscious life, meaning below human consciousness. It should not then be expected that the drugs of these three kingdoms could have more than a progressive place in healing.

In the human being while the sub-conscious elemental essence carries on its own proper activities in the cells of the bodies, a Higher Life, the Self, the individualizing Ego, the Monad, enters as informer and eventual Ruler, and in time will dominate the bodies and subject them to its own higher aspirations.

(c) Life discriminates. But whether the life be embodied in mineral, plant, animal, man, lower or higher angels, or the Lord of the Universe, it is the same Divine Life, except in degree of manifestation. The finer the matter and the greater the power of vibratory response of the elemental essence in it, the loftier the intelligence which can use it.

It is reasonable, then, to infer that the higher types of matter, such as ether, are largely dormant in healing until the human stage is reached; and even then the man who has not passed the selfish animal desire stage and has not set in motion the forces of will which awaken to conscious activity the elemental essence in his yet inchoate etheric bodies, will be unlikely to experience an instantaneous cure; the higher intelligence would not, probably, under the law of the conservation of energy, act in such cases. Slow drug work fulfills the the necessary purpose at that stage of evolution.

But the unselfish, Self-controlled, compassionate person, whose only desire is to serve humanity, will by the very purity of the life and purpose, attract the attention of the great healing devas, and at the right time they, working through the activity operating etheric matter, will accomplish the cure.

Does not the life side of Nature hold the secret of Health and Healing which will apply to all cures? have we in the different rates of vibrations in the grades of living spirit-matter of the physical, astral and mental bodies, and, under the law of evolution, all of this gradually becoming controlled by the unfolding Self within, found material with which to begin to formulate a scientific working hypothesis covering every method of cure?

Etheric matter responds more readily, and offers less resistance to the active energies of Life, than physical matter.

Under healing by drugs, different grades of matter are used, and according to the stage of evolution of the finer bodies of the patient, and the limitation of the power of elemental response in the drug used, will be the rapidity of the cure.

The progressive drugless cure is the intermediate stage, the evolutionary step, between the drug cure and the instantaneous cure. Here the lower ethers of the bodies are beginning to be active and responsive to the Higher Self, and the super-intelligences of the Health law can begin their manifestation. Many people have proved for themselves that physical drugs are powerless to restore, when lost, the normal electric rhythm of their finer bodies; and that prayer, music, colors, a day in the woods, etc., have acted as health restorers. The disturbance is in the etheric matter of the bodies and treatment suitable to that grade of matter must be given.

In the instantaneous cure, the ethers of the bodies are in a more active condition, are in a more or less organized or polarized state. Here we find some explanation of the functions of Ether, this "Root of Matter," this "container of all types and forms." It being semi-material, "semi" here would mean that it is equally as open through its own finer akashic grades on its hidden side to the use of the Healing Angels of the inner worlds, as its denser grades are open to the material remedies of this dense outer side. The finer inner grades of living essence offer an immediate alertness and an instantaneous response of service to the great intelligence who understand, direct and administer the distribution of Health.

Such an hypothesis, having its basis in ancient and, to some extent, in modern science, is not beyond the comprehension of the intellectual mind. The philosophic, intuitive mind, which is often clairvoyant, seeing something of the inner truths of things, will grasp far more than this; will see a great world-philosophy underlying all healing; will see the plan of the Logos of the system slowly working toward an ultimate definite goal of perfection for all life. Toward this end, all pleasure, all pain, all laws of Nature, tend. For this purpose the great Inner-World Teachers come forth from time to time, and restore the truth of life and brotherhood to an ignorant and bewildered humanity.

The world is passing through a great and swiftly moving evolutionary process. It is necessary, in order that the Life side of Nature shall now be more fully studied; that an ideal of Brotherhood, that brotherhood which is innate in all life, may speedily and indelibly be built into the physical brain and heart consciousness, as well as into the soul of humanity. From the standpoint of Health, a finer type of bodies will soon be brought down by the great Builders for humanity's use. In these the sense faculties of the three bodies will be active, as they even now are in a few of our present race. The Great Ones, the Elder Brothers of humanity, who on invisible planes are bringing about the new conditions, have the wisdom and the power to heal as none have done since the Christ was here before, and when He and They come forth They will explain and teach as none can now do, the true Law of Health. Let us hold our minds open to perceive the Truth.

Mary Weeks Burnett 1918

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