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Heaven... what is it? Where is it?

by Earl B Hall (c) 2006

"If we were to accept as truth everything we were told to be true, there would be little hope for the human race" - Orville Wright.

With that being said, perhaps it is all truth and reality, or better yet, YOUR reality is based interely upon your perception of all truths. WOW! So many ironic statements, so many contrasts, so complicated, and at times so simple that it just can't possibly be that easy and still defy all human comprehension. Why? Why? Why?

We want to go to Heaven to be with Creator and experience the essence of Pure Love and Joy. Down through recorded history the term Heaven has been described in every conceivable manner. It is generally accepted as a wonderous place of Pure Divine Love and Joy. A place where all want to go. Yet, how ironic, everyone is dying to get there and few are ever ready to leave here.

All the great masters have said that Creator is the true essence of Pure Love, is IN everything and IS everything. This simple statement is very hard to comprehend for many. At what point do we say, "Creator is totally unified with ALL of it's creation. For it created everyone and everything out of Pure Love.

So, does that mean that the Creator in Heaven is both Good and Evil? Both Light and Dark? Does that mean that everyone, every place and everything is all that, too? If any of that is true, then could that mean that Heaven and Hell could be one in the same, as well? Or is it simply based on our perception and belief of what we have been told for thousands of years.

With the acceptance of the traditional concept of Heaven being in the clouds or out there somewhere. Is it any wonder we experience all the confusion. If we search outside of ourselves are we missing it? If we search inside ourselves are we still missing it?

Many consider the concept of Free Will as the God given right to choose Right or Wrong or the path of Good and Evil and the reward of Heaven or the punishement of Hell that goes along with those particular choices. Or could it mean the God given gift of choosing our own reality based upon our perceptions and beliefs could be the determining factor that creates our own Heaven and Hell?

The most renowned scientists, quantum physics researchers and spiritualists all agree that there really is nothing in this universe but energy and consciousness. Therefore all things are pure energy that come into existence from an intentional thought. And only exists as a reality when they are focused on from some point of reference or comparison.

All the great teachers tried to tell us we have a perceptual problem. All our physical earthbound sensory inputs tell us we are here. In being here we experience a wide range of events and sensory input, some being joyful and others quite painful. Could it be that our need for a Heaven to exist is only the desire to eliminate the painful aspects of our perceived reality and therin heighten the love and joy of that same existance. In every experience when we feel pain, we want out of here. On the otherhand no person would ever consider leaving while experiencing Pure Love and Joy... it feels so heavenly.

Consider the possibility that you are already in Heaven and you don't realize it. Consider the possibility that you are an eternal part of creator and are simply having an individuated experience. Could this also pertain to the ancient prophecies of a mass awakening of human conciousness that heralds in a new age of Pure Love and Heaven on Earth?

Most concepts of Heaven, in their eloquent descriptions, only seem to add to the confusion. Why? Most concepts only externalize its existence. Perhaps we should try looking at every experience with wonder and question what is being revealed to us. The experiences that bring pain are, quite possibly, teaching us the most. And those ultimate feelings of Pure Love and Joy could be the end result of every experience.

For all practical purposes, until you know for certain, why not live as if you are already in Heaven, experiencing Pure Love and Joy, and make the most of it. It could be contagiuos! Then, what would we do? Hummm.

In-joy, Rev. Dr. Earl B. Hall

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