The Hallelujah Health Tip Issue #421: Self-Healing, Built In December 13, 2005

As we learn ever more about this incredible physical body temple that God has provided each of us, how can we fail to exclaim words similar to those of the Psalmist in Psalm 139:14: "I WILL PRAISE THEE; FOR I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE . . ."


Let's begin with an illustration to prove that God has placed self-healing into your body as well as mine. Did you ever cut yourself? Of course, every one of us at sometime in our lives has cut themselves! Now let's pay close attention to what happens immediately after we cut ourselves, and please note that there is nothing we have to do in order for the body to heal itself of that break in the skin.

(1) Immediately following the cut, the first thing we see is blood coming forth from that break in the skin. Blood is a natural antibiotic and cleanser of the wound. Then after the bleeding has stopped (if the break is not in an artery), we see the blood start to coagulate, and then we see something very fascinating take place:

(2) Right before our very eyes, we see a scab form. Where did that scab come from, and what is its purpose? When God created those first human physical bodies, He knew that we would on occasion break the skin. Thus God placed within our genetic coding a means of closing the break in the skin and restoring the skin to its former protective condition. So now a scab forms to protect that break in the skin from the elements, while underneath the scabs protection, the body feverishly works to knit the skin back together and close up the hole. Then, after the skin has been knit back together, and the break has been closed, the scab knows enough to fall off, and right before our very eyes, we behold the results of the incredible self-healing that God placed within the body!

(3) But suppose I cut myself today, and a scab forms, and after the scab has formed, I take out my pocketknife and cut myself again, in the same spot. I realize that this is a foolish thing to do, but please bear with me in my foolishness for just a moment so that I can drive home a very important point. And the point is this: That even though self- healing is built in, and the body wants to heal that break in the skin, it cannot do so until I STOP CUTTING MYSELF!

(4) We see this same self-healing manifested when we break a bone in our body, as the body literally knits the broken bone back together. Of course we sometimes have to align the bone to make sure it knits itself back in a proper position, but the point I am making is that the body has the built in ability to heal itself of even a bone break!

Now we come to that part of this Health Tip that should thrill every person hearing or reading these words, and it is this: That God not only built self-healing into the outside of our body, but He also built self-healing into the inside of our body!


Just as the body has the ability to heal itself on the outside when injured, God built into our physical bodies the ability to heal itself on the inside as well! But there are TWO PREREQUISITES FOR HEALING - not just one! When we go to a medical doctor with a physical problem, all the doctor usually does is deal with the symptom, and not the CAUSE! Let me give you some examples:

(1) Go to the doctor complaining of migraine headaches, and what will the doctor do? Will the doctor seek the CAUSE of the migraines, or will the doctor try to subdue the pain (symptom) through the use of a drug (poison).

(2) When a person is diagnosed with arthritis, does the doctor try and find the CAUSE of the arthritic pain, or rather does the doctor attempt to subdue the pain (symptom) with a drug (poison)? Often, the doctor has to prescribe stronger and stronger drugs (poisons) as the arthritic condition continues to decline, and progresses sometimes to the point where a wheelchair is needed.

(3) The same with diabetes! When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, the doctor only deals with the symptom of the diabetes, by giving the patient more insulin, while recommending a high meat/dairy diet, rather than trying to ascertain the CAUSE of the diabetes! Sadly, the animal fat contained in the high protein diet prescribed by the doctor was the primary CAUSE of diabetes initially.

(4) When a person is diagnosed with cancer, the doctor will usually treat that cancer (symptom) with chemotherapy (poison), radiation, and surgery. And sometimes, after using these modalities, even pronounce, "We got it all!" But how many times have we known someone who had cancer, was treated by the medical community, told they had "gotten it all," only to see the cancer come back. Why did the cancer return? Because all that person was treated for, were the symptoms of cancer, and not the CAUSE of the symptoms!

I could go on to show that almost every physical problem a person goes to a medical doctor with, is treated for the symptom only, while the doctor never attempts to find the CAUSE of the symptom. If we want to get well from our physical problems, the very first thing we must do is eliminate the CAUSE of the physical problem! In other words, just as we saw earlier, that for the skin to heal, we must stop cutting ourselves, so too, on the inside, we must stop cutting ourselves if we want to get well! Only when the cause has been eliminated, only after we stop cutting ourselves, can the body truly heal.

For a few minutes, let's look and see what happens within the body when we place various injurious substances into it. And remember, if we want our body to be able to heal itself, we must stop placing injurious substances into it - in other words, we must stop cutting ourselves!


(1) Every time we place a piece of animal flesh on our fork and receive it into our mouth, we have just cut our self! How can that be? Because God designed our body to move food through the digestive tract through means of fiber, and no fiber can be found in anything of animal

origin. Thus that fiberless substance moves very slowly through a very lengthy digestive tract, with many pockets and loops and bends, in an atmosphere of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and there it putrefies. This putrefied flesh, not only causes body odor, but is the primary cause of all colon problems - from colitis to ulcerative colitis, from Diverticulosis to Diverticulitis, to Crohn's disease, to IBS, to Colon Cancer and more. Hundreds of people have written to tell us that when they stopped consuming animal products, and started consuming a basically raw, living foods plant based diet with lots of fresh vegetable juices, their body odor simply went away as did their colon problem. Animal products are either the cause or a contributing cause of up to 90% of all physical problems. (See Health Tip #415 for more information)

(2) Every time we consume refined sugar, we cut our self! How? Refined sugar is an immune system suppressant. In other words, refined sugar knocks out the very line of defense God placed within our body to protect our body from the germs, viruses, and bacteria of this world. Colds and the flu are merely the body reacting to a virus, and if the immune system hadn't been compromised by the refined sugar, it would never have manifested in physical breakdown. This editor hasn't had a cold or the flu in the thirty years since stopping the consumption of refined sugar and beginning a basically living plant food based diet along with the daily consumption of fresh vegetable juices. Prior to making the diet change in 1976, I experienced colds and the flu annually. (See Health Tip #416)

(3) Every time we consume refined white flour, we cut our self. Just like the animal source foods, and refined sugar, refined flour contains no fiber. Thus, refined flour moves very slowly through the digestive tract, and in the colon area, clogs it up, causing constipation as well as numerous other problems. (See Health Tip # 417 for more information) Sodium chloride (table salt), and caffeine are both fibreless, protoplasmic poisons, and as we saw in Health Tips #418 & #419, cause horrible problems within the body.


When a person goes to the doctor, as I pointed out earlier, the doctor does not seek out the CAUSE of the physical problem that person is experiencing, but rather treats the symptom, and usually with another protoplasmic poison (drug). And often the doctor uses the two other modalities in his/her arsenal - radiation and surgery! Radiation does not heal the body, but rather destroys body cells by burning them. And surgery does not heal the body, but rather removes the offending body part. May I say, "God did not make any spare parts!" Every part of our beautiful God made body was placed there for a purpose, and when we poison a part, or burn a part, or remove a part, we damage the body, making it ever more difficult for the body to function and heal itself as God designed.

Now, let's go into a hospital and see what they feed a person while they are trying to restore that person to wellness with drugs (poison), radiation, and surgery. Sadly, you will find that every day, that sick patient in the hospital will usually be fed animal source foods, along with foods containing sugar, white flour, table salt, and caffeine. In other words, while that person is in the hospital trying to recover from a physical problem that was probably caused by improper diet and lifestyle, they are feeding that person the very foods that got them sick, while treating the symptom of that sickness with drugs (poisons), radiation and surgery. Is there not something wrong with this picture?


God programmed our body, at the time of creation, to always strive for wellness! When given half a chance, our body will always try and correct a physical breakdown! So if we want to get well, and stay well, we must cooperate with our body and help it in its healing task. In order to do that, the very first thing we must do is eliminate from our diets those substances that CAUSED the physical breakdown. We already know what those items are, but so that no one forgets: they are animal source foods, refined sugar and refined grains, table salt and caffeine. We can also add to that list, alcohol, nicotine and other drugs, all of which are protoplasmic poisons which do the body great harm.

As these toxic to the body elements that caused our sickness are eliminated, we must at the same time, provide the body with the building materials the body needs to rebuild its health. These building materials are a diet comprised of mostly raw fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, along with lots of freshly extracted vegetable juices, the most powerful cell building materials available!

As we stop cutting ourselves by stopping the flow of toxic substances into our body, and then provide our body with the living foods and especially the juices, needed by the body to rebuild itself, the magic takes place right before our very eyes. One man, after just six months on The Hallelujah Diet, reported a 60 pound weight loss and the elimination of 28 different physical symptoms. Here at Hallelujah Acres, we have received literally tens-of- thousands of testimonies from people around the world, reporting over 170 different physical problems simply disappearing from their bodies after adopting The Hallelujah Diet. HALLELUJAH!


Friends, I have just shown you two ways of dealing with physical problems - the world's way - and GOD'S WAY. Now it is up to you, the choice is yours! And remember that in Galatians 6:7 the Bible tells us: "BE NOT DECEIVED; GOD IS NOT MOCKED: FOR WHATSOEVER A MAN SOWETH, THAT SHALL HE ALSO REAP."


To be continued . . . Hallelujah Acres is a Christian Ministry that teaches health from a Biblical perspective! Hallelujah Acres is trying to help the Christian community (as well as anyone else who will listen) realize that God's ORIGINAL diet, as given by God in the Bible, in Genesis 1:29, was God's perfect plan for the proper nourishment of his human creation. Multitudes have made this diet change that we teach here at Hallelujah Acres, and experienced normalization of weight, as well as the elimination of almost all their physical problems. For more information, visit our website at or call (704) 481-1700.

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