Manifesting Our Dreams

by Barbara Ferrell Hero

Thought is one of our most important tools as spiritual human beings. When we have thoughts of caring or giving or finding solutions to problems, such as finding way to encourage others to think positively, we become agents for positive change. Negative thoughts attract negative events to us. Creative thought attracts new solutions to problems for us. One simple way to access our innate creativity is to doodle. We may doodle when our conscious thoughts are elsewhere. Even our doodles may become works of art, as they are openings into our subconscious and into the universal consciousness. If we think of ourselves as artists, philosophers, scientists or humanitarians we become what we think, and as a consequence everything becomes possible for us. If we are uncomfortable with our position in life, we can change this attitude by applying our ability to manifest our positive dreams.

A trigger to a change in attitude, may be when someone says to you, "What would you like to manifest?" This question automatically triggers you into the possibilities of manifesting another reality. Then when you go into action by asking others to meet with you in order to manifest their realities, each becomes an agent of change. This is what happened to me. I was in a department store looking for a specific coat that I visualized. It was a coat that had many pockets. I went through the racks and find nothing suitable the first time. Then I went back, and back again. Suddenly the coat that I visualized in all of its details, color, size, material was in front of me waiting for me. I materialized an object that was important to me at the time and it showed me the possibilities of my thoughts and visualizations. I also manifested our own home and now we are living in it. It all began when a friend asked me "What would you like to manifest?" I spontaneously said, "I would like to manifest property for a `light center'". Many of our friends felt the same urge for a center of their own. For nine months we met every two weeks and visualized the physical land and the roles that each of us would play in our own centers. Nine months to the day of my friend's question, we took possession of our present farm property that is identical to what we had visualized.

The same thing can happen to you by visualizing and even drawing a picture of your future home. Allow your imagination to picture a scene near a lake or an ocean. Add the shape of the house, trees, bushes, etc. Visualize your self living in the house. The desire for finding such a place grows within your subconscious until what you desire finds you. You will find yourself living in that house at some point in your life as well as living your dream.

Now on a higher level, suppose that you want to be an agent for positive change in your life, your town, country or government. Again, this intent will carry you to your goal. We are all individuals who can contribute outstanding achievements in our own fields of endeavor that in turn lead to the betterment of our society. Now, go and dream.

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