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Moments of Sharing with Eleiah 2005-03-15 Volume 2 Number - 001

Jim Peltier, Ph.D. also known as (E' lee ah) Blessings of Love and Grace to You,

Have you ever felt that you need to Simplify your life?

The world has become such a busy place. Society seems to teach us and our children to be busy every waking moment, and, to do otherwise is wasting precious time. Simplifying your daily life does entail creating quiet time for yourself and time to commune with your Divine Essence.

I felt my need to Simplify my life a number of years ago and I sense that most people on a spiritual path get that feeling at sometime in their life. What I have found is that Simplifying my life had many meanings which took several years for me to figure out.

At first, like most people, I focused on how to reduce the tasks that kept filling up my daily life. Yet everything seems so important that many times it was nearly impossible to eliminate anything.

When I realized that we really live in three worlds (Physical, Mental and Spiritual World) then the word Simplify had more meaning. I needed to simplify my Mental World as well as my Physical World.

For most people their Physical World and Mental World are intertwined with each other. Our mind is filled with all of things we should be doing, all the physical tasks to be completed each day. Some people's mind is racing a mile a minute. They are focusing on the next task to do before the task at hand is completed. A friend told me this week that her doctor doesn't listen to what she is saying to him. He ignored her telling him of the pain she had weeks after her surgery and when he finally listened and looked at her he discovered she had an infection. His mind was not in the moment with his patient he was already thinking of the next task he was going to be doing. I think this is common for most busy people.

When we have desires and wants we try to fulfill these wants in the Mental World. We use mental/psychic energy to manifest what we want. We put effort into creating what we want. Sometimes this works very easily and with little effort we get what we want and since we want more, we put more and more mental effort into getting more. That is how we have been taught to be successful.

This mental process is called Efforting because we are trying to use our mental/psychic energy to create something in the Universe. But, what we are trying to create may not be what we really need, or, it is not in synchronization with the Universe. Most of us have done this at sometime in our life. Spending untold energy to find the perfect job, the perfect mate or even to find enlightenment without much success. Some people are experts at creating using mental/psychic energy with little effort, but, what they create may not be what they need for their spiritual development and could result in personal karma.

For the most part Efforting is trying to push the Universe to create something that either we do not need, or, the timing has not yet arrived for us to receive it. When we reside and function in the realm of the Physical and Mental Worlds life takes a lot of work and energy to accomplish everyday tasks.

So Simplifying to me is: letting go of these efforts to manifest something in our life using our physical, emotional and mental effort. This is hard because we have been trained in school, in our family and in the world that we achieve by using effort.

When you simplify your life and consciously begin to work from your Spiritual World several things happen. You find that life is effortless. You are living and creating in harmony with your Divine Being and in harmony with the Universe. This also means you are detached from what you want to create since you may not really need what you desire.

When your mental desire is to be Pure Love and Divine Wisdom and you are in your Spiritual World then all of your consciousness in your Physical and Mental World are aligned to this desire and the Universe brings forth everything you need or guides you to whatever you require to create and maintain this state of Love and Wisdom.

What I can tell you is you begin to Simplify your thoughts by cleansing your mind of thoughts that are no longer useful for your spiritual growth. This is a process of Mental Housecleaning. When your ego mind is pure then your life can easy flow in harmony with the Universe and bring you back into the All or Source. With this clarity your physical world could be very busy and yet it will be effortless. With this clarity your physical life could be very simple and uneventful and yet your Mental World could be very busy, without effort, in service to the Divine.

The more I contemplate on what Simplifying my life means to me, the deeper my understanding becomes. I have learned to ask my Divine Essence: If it is in my highest and best spiritual interest to do this or think this way? With this clarity I will always know what to do and what to think. When your mental mind and Divine Mind are one thought and one action you have great clarity and are in Oneness with Love, Wisdom and Grace.

Your Divine Mind is the essence of your Spiritual World and it Purifies your Ego/Mental World and then your Mental World Purifies your Physical World. Everything is interconnected and you have the power within you to create Inner Peace and Harmony and in doing so create your Simplified Life and Live Your Divine Essence.

Perhaps you may find that a part of you would like to Simplify your Life so it has greater depth of meaning and purpose to you. A greater connection to the Source of Love and Light.

May your days be blessed and filled with the Love, Peace, Wisdom, and Joy that is your Inner Spirit, your Divine Essence.

Peace, Love, Shanti, Namaste, Alamanda

Eleiah / Jim Peltier

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