Releasing Vows & Oaths

"We bring you the fifth awareness. We have save the most potent one for last. The Third Language is at work now--at its best. Lightworkers, shamans, listeners, readers, I am talking to most of you now, I am going to give you some information here. There is something you need--something that can be dismissed, removed, and peeled off of you so that you will never have it part of you again.

Listen: Shaman, this is not the first time you have awakened to spirituality in some lifetime. In recent past lives, almost every one of them, you had an awakening to your spirituality as well. Some of you even know who you were, it was so profound! You were the monks, sisters of the church, shamans, medicine men and women. You were the ones whom the tribes depended upon for the potions and the energy healings--the hands-on work. Let me tell you what came with that--an old energy that required a focus on God. If you were going to make the potions, send the energy, and heal those who came for it, you gave something away in return. Some of you took vows to remove Earthly humanistic characteristics of normal life in order to focus. You made promises to God, and the promises were in the form of sacrifice.

How many of you remember being the shaman and the medicine man? Remember what the attributes of the medicine man were? So many times the medicine man lived on the outskirts of the village. The medicine man lived alone. Remember? Listen to what I am saying. This is important. Did you take a vow that in order to be spiritual, you were never going to enjoy the intimate company of another Human Being? Did you? Did you take a vow of celibacy? I have new information for you. A vow to God given in pure intent in ANY lifetime is taken into the next lifetime, and carries through the veil over and over. You could not easily drop the vow, because your inner soul is committed to God. If you were going to spiritually awaken and be the shaman in those past lifetimes, you had to sacrifice many things back then.

Lightworker, are you having trouble with keeping and holding relationships? Abundance? Having a normal life? This could be why! Let me tell you now that for those of you who have crossed the Bridge of Swords, this new energy gives you permission to drop all vows! Perhaps some of you thought you would be alone forever? You do not have to forsake relationships anymore. Let us hold a ceremony right now.

Visualize the old vows you took in those old days, releasing themselves. See them floating away into the air. Celebrate the release in this new energy! Kryon has never said anything about this, ever! I could not even begin to broach this subject in the old energy. This is not possible before. This is a new gift for you and is just the beginning of the tools of ascension--an ascension you can share with a mate if you choose. You can have a light body, if you choose. You can have abundance, if you choose. Let the old vows be released from you right now. Let's create a new vow together: "I vow to use The Third Language* to become as close to my Higher Self as a Human can get! And in the process, I claim that I can be abundant, peaceful, and never lonely. I claim my Higher Self as my best friend. I claim the divinity that I AM."

Understand that you have permission to focus on God using The Third Language without sacrificing anything. You can be the shaman and enjoy your humanity, have relationships, and abundance. Monk, it's about time, is it not? Sister of the cloth, it's about time, is it not? Oh, family, don't you know that we know you intimately? We have said this at every single meeting to you. Don't you know that when the family comes in that this is not some kind of generic visit? It is heart-to-heart, dear family. If it seems that we are talking to YOU, it's because we are." -Kryon

*The Third Language has nothing to do with three languages. It is a metaphor that describes communication in the language of Spirit. The "third" refers to the honor and the catalyst of the "three". Look at the threes and what they represent spiritually. Here, then, is The Third Language. It is the language of the three between the father, the Son, and the Spirit.

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