Moments of Sharing

Moments of Sharing -Part 2

Dear Friends,

This Newsletter is Part 2 of 2 on Relationships and it deals with compatibility, soul mates and twin flames.

In my last Moments of Sharing I shared how I learned that all relationships were really with Spirit or the Universe. My relationships with other people were a reflection of different aspects of the relationship between my Ego-Self and my Spiritual Self and the Universe. The condition of these relationships revealed what areas of my consciousness needed enhancement and what areas were in harmony with Spirit.

I realized that I needed to take total responsibility for my part of a relationship and to know and accept that I had no control over the outcome of my relationships with other people. More importantly, it means that I needed to allow my True Self (my Spiritual Essence) to be free and active in my relationships. My desire to create and maintain Spiritual Harmony within me stimulates the changes I make in my relationships.

I learned to let go of any assumption or expectation of how a particular relationship was to turned out. How the other person responded to my new way of being in the relationship was up to them. When I detached from wanting a specific outcome in a relationship that detachment gave me the freedom to create the best possible relationship I could between me and Spirit, the Universe and that person.

Part 2 on Relationships really applies if you are creating new relationships. These concepts even apply to creating a new career opportunity which is just another type of relationship so use your creative mind to utilize these concepts as you sense they apply. Remember, everything in your life is a relationship.

If you are thinking about getting into a new relationship the key word is Compatibility and how to measure your compatibility with another person. If you are looking to create a long term relationship with another person here are some things to really contemplate about.

Areas and Degrees of Compatibility:

1. Physical

2. Emotional

3. Feeling

4. Mental

5. Intellectual

6. Spiritual

7. Sexual

I use a scale of 0 to 10 zero being noncompatible and ten being extremely compatible. I can tell you that you can not use logic or reason to determine your compatibility since these are seven specific planes of consciousness which your rational mind may not even understand. However, your Spiritual Essence knows how compatible you are in a specific relationship with another person and you can access that guidance with your Spiritual Intuition.

Most people never look at the all the different areas of compatibility between them self and their future partner in life, I never did. It is important to use your intuitive ability rather than logic or rational thinking. Your Spiritual Essence will give you an insight that your logical mind will not give you. My suggestion is to have a 5 or higher in each of these seven areas and you will have a greater chance to create a meaningful and sustaining relationship. If possible, both people involved should do their individual compatibility assessment since what may be great for you may not fit the other person.

The dictionary defines compatibility as being capable of existing or living together in harmony. My understanding of compatibility for most of my life was another person that had my likes and values and our outer worlds were very similar. But, true compatibility is when your inner world and outer world has the potential to exist and live in harmony with the inner world and outer world of this person you chose as a life partner. Your inner world is your spiritual essence within you which remains free and pure from the confusion and misdirection your outer world may create.

If you use your Inner Spiritual Guidance and ask how compatible you are with each other on these seven areas of consciousness you have the greatest potential to create a loving, caring, honest, humble and respectful relationship. And, I sense it is much easier to be your spiritual self when you are in a relationship that is supportive, nurturing and caring.

When you are in a truly compatible relationship there is a flow within that relationship that adds vitality. Each person is being true to him or herself and their Spiritual Essence. There can be no fear in this type of relationship only love and respect for yourself and the other person. You must have the freedom to be your true self in every moment and you are together because each chooses to be with each other.

About twenty years I was a facilitator for a self-help group of divorced people and this wise person in the group said: If you need to work on a marriage you are in the wrong marriage. To be honest, it was many years latter before I finally understood what he was saying.

If you really need to put mental and emotional effort into making a relationship work it is like trying to put a square peg into a round hole, it does not work. If you are in a relationship and your compatibility is not what you desire this does not mean you need to terminate that relationship.

Since all relationships are between your Ego-Self and your Spirit you need to focus on allowing your spiritual essence to be free and guide you in creating the positive qualities that create harmony between your Ego-Self and your Spiritual Essence. All you need to do is allowing the Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Will within you to become a permanent part of your life. These qualities reside in your Inner World and need to become your Outer World. As your relationship with your Inner Spiritual Essence and the Universe improves so to will your outer relationships improve. As you create this new inner relationship that is in harmony with your Spirit and the Universe you may chose to let go of this old relationship from a conscious state of Love, Peace and Wisdom.

Soul Mates has been overrated in books, some writers even say your soul mate is the other half of your soul that you need to be complete. A soul mate is any person that you have been with in one or more previous lifetimes. The quality of those past relationships can range from being deeply in love with each other to being fierce enemies. So, finding a soul mate may not be that great of an experience. I have met several of my soul mates that in past lives were pure love experiences and yet we were not compatible in this lifetime. We had different priorities in this life experience and with that bond of love we went our separate ways.

Twin Flames: When a group of souls leaves the Source on the path of incarnations they have a unique spiritual vibration pattern. When you met one of these souls in your physical life there is a sudden knowingness that you have know this person (soul) for eternity because your Highest Spiritual Vibration is the same frequency as theirs. When you connect with your Spiritual Essence you experience a Oneness with this other persons Spiritual Essence. Yet, even with this sense of Oneness at the Spiritual Level it is necessary to check your overall compatibility on the other levels of consciousness.

In awakening the Divine State of Being within you, you are less focused on the relationships that you may or may not be in. Your focus is on the relationship between all aspects of your personality and your Spiritual Essence and the Universe and in doing so you connect to that which is Eternal. This is the only relationship that can bring you true Joy, Bliss, Love and Peace within you.

As your Inner World becomes your Outer World your ego consciousness merges with your Highest Spiritual Essence along with the Ocean of Love called God or the Source and as you interact with the Universe and all of creation wih Love and Wisdom you are aware of the interconnectedness of everything which simply put is what we call relationships.

Peace, Love, Shanti, Alamanda

Eleiah (E' lee ah) / Jim Peltier

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