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Anima Mundi Shakti

"The future Is An Ocean filled with Divine Light & Love!" ~Victor

Founded By: Victor Glanckopf

Prerequiste: Any Advanced Energy Work

Anima Mundi Shakti Workshop is for anyone who desires a strong connection to the revolutionary divine vibrations that are coming to our planet.

Anima Mundi Shakti contains a special New Heart Empowerment & mudra that will restore your perfect natural beauty & love and prepare your soul for the transition in whatever form it might be!

The Anima Mundi is the world soul and as such it represents the harmonic vibration controlling the laws of life on earth!

It is the heart of the divine cosmic pattern of physical reality and the source of all existence that impregnates our physical universe.

For thousands of years, the soul of our world has been evolving from a chaotic vibration of imperfection to a vibration of unconditional love.

Anima Mundi Shakti represents these energies that are coming to us and our planet now, and will become much stronger and will expand to perfection in the coming decades.

Anima Mundi Shakti energies will restore the harmony of the human soul and our planet.

Although we will go through some sort of chaos that has been predicted by the ancients for hundreds of years, everything will return to a harmonious celestial state of equilibrium.

The true Light of the Divine will then imbue our universe with the purest form of divine essence that embraces and energizes all life in the universe with pure ethereal spirit of love and Light!

You will receive a remarkable Empowerment to advance your evolution with added new techniques to tap into these extraordinary energies!

Anima Mundi Shakti-Practitioner-$55.00

Hi Victor, Many many thanks for this great attunement! The energy is amazing and sparkling. Thank you again for Anima Mundi. Many blessings. Love & Light. Patrice

Dear Victor Thank you so much for the Anima Mundi attunement today. I sat for about 30 minutes and the energies flowed so beautifully especially to my heart and ajna. At different stages of the attunement, I felt my heart expanding to the universe and uniting with the earth, sun, moon, galaxies, stars and beyond. We were one soul on a journey to God. The peace "surpasseth understanding." At some point I was surrounded by a beautiful blue cocoon and everything turned blue. It was very soothing. I also felt warmth up my spine and heat in the ajna. The energy was strong and I swayed both back and forth and to the sides. Toward the end, there was nothing but a strong knowingness that I was in God's presence and the bliss of that moment was beyond description. Afterwards, I did about 10 minutes of the New Heart Meditation and I felt and saw a beautiful flame at my ajna and the ajna became very hot again, as did the center of my head. Again, I felt bliss. I plan to do the meditation during the day as I am sure the experience will deepen with practice. Thank you, Victor, for the beautiful energies you are sharing with the world. Much love, Alba

Hi Victor, it was a beautiful attunement and a powerful one too. I felt a lot of energy going into my palms and arms. Manm

Hi Victor, Thanks for the Anima Mundi Attunements and the Eye of Horus Workshop. They have great energies. I'm practicing the meditations and I enjoy them. I began today with the Anima Mundi meditations and I felt a strong energy all over my body. I'm very grateful, Light and Harmony, Juan Carlos

Hello, I've completed the Anima Mundi Shakti course. My entire chest area began to undulate after 20 minutes of the meditation with huge waves of love energy. It was somewhat uncomfortable for me to bear so much energy in this area but it was sweet nonetheless. I saw an octopus appear on the surface of an ocean with no waves, in the distance, almost as if it was saying good bye to me. I understood that it meant saying good bye to my fear of loving with an open heart and trusting without the protective cloud of ink and hiding in the depths for fear of "detection". Then I saw a beautiful set of doors appear and open. An infinite number of humans were in a large ballroom with no walls, dancing. People of all the colors of the rainbow of earth. They were happy and ecstatic and in a state of celebration so I danced with them and this helped the anxiety I was feeling to melt away. I then saw a circle of angels around the earth dropping symbolic hearts all over the earth, covering the entire surface of the earth. I heard a hum. The hum began to pour into my heart and I was shaking. I do feel very grateful for this opening to a higher vibration of love. If that is where we're headed, we have nothing to fear. Clara

Hi Victor, The Anima Mundi attunement was awesome and I can't wait to experience the next level. I have had some energy work before and I consider this one just as wonderful and strong. As soon as I asked for the attunement, my crown tingled and I felt a current went to my 3rd eye. There was a pressure all over my head that started from my hairline to the base of my skull. I felt a lot of tingling and pressure above my ears and the back area of my head then a concentration of energy in the area where my neck meets my skull. As the energy went through my 3rd eye it felt like it bulged, then my entire forehead heated up and I could feel both of my eyes throbbing. While these activities were all going on, I also felt my palms and feet buzzing while the energy moved from my throat chakra down through my feet. The 1st level felt more internal while the 2nd level was both internal and extermal. I basked with the feeling of being enveloped with warmth, joy, love and light. I continued with the Anima Mundi Celestial Heart attunement and the energy stayed on, this was indeed a blessing and I plan on continuing this meditation on an going basis. I am trully grateful for the work that you do and more blessings to you! Thanks so much! Ann

Hi Victor! Thank You for the Anima Mundi attunements and fast response. A very subtle but profound attunement. Have wanted to do the Anima Mundi for a while and glad that the time right. Superb attunement that settled after a week quite nicely. Many Thanks Victor! Kevin

Hi, Anima Mundi Level 1 was really strong. I really could experience it traveling though my body and moving the energy though weakened or painful areas. Plus, the heart clearing was so peaceful and grounding. I do it everyday! Again, l truly appreciate and unitize the energy of all the workshops that l have purchased from you. Cherie

Hello Sri Victor, I completed the Anima Mundi workshop and the energies were outstanding and both Empowerments went for about an hour or more! Thank you so much for everything! Regards and Blessings, Sal

You will receive the Anima Mundi Shakti - practitioner manual via Email, All Empowerments and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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