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Abundance Reiki

Abundance/Prosperity Reiki is a reiki coming back now to the planet to aid lightworkers in manifesting world peace.

Abundance/Prosperity Reiki was co-founderby Bro David Paul chc & Dolores as well as re-attunements sent by William & Tricia.

Abundance/Prosperity reiki began coming back to earth in 1998 with the shri symbol given to Jane in Nebraska & through the years she continued to work with the new energy.

Shri is the seed mantra invoking the hindu goddess Laxmi, goddess of prosperity.

Abundance/prosperity reiki has two new symbols.

Also the hindu deity Ganesha was added to balance the male/female energy.

Abundance Reiki $15.00 or

$FREE-With any Workshop you take.

Hi Victor, I received the attunement to Abundance Reiki this morning, it was indeed very powerful. I saw Lord Ganesha and Mother Laxmi showering golden rays on me; I saw the swastika (Fylfot) symbol with four dots entering my crown. Thanks for the blessings. Love, Sameer

Hi Victor, I called down the attunement Friday evening and it was a wonderful experience full of blessings. I practice several forms of Reiki and I love the unique experience of each form as I learn it and receive the attunements. I first experienced the understanding that there were two entities with me who were supporting me with the attunement. I did not understand the flower until after I read the manual, lol. They were on this incredible pinkish/red lotus. After a time, there was a stream of golden and white energy balls that came down and swirled around me, they after a time simple absorbed into my body/being. There was a peaceful sense the entire time and a feeling of well being after. Again...thank you. Namaste Suzan

You will receive the Abundance Reiki Master Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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