Atlantean Healing System

Temple In Atlantis

Rediscover Your own spirit, Your own divine essence.

Rediscover the beauty and the truth in Yourself.

Rediscover Your Divine Light.

Topics to be covered -Level One

  •  The history of the system
  •  What is Atlantis Healing System
  •  Atlantis Healing System definition
  •  The Atlantis Healing System specificity
  •  The human and divine representation in Atlantis Healing System
  •  The 5 human energetically levels
  •  The 5 causal levels of the disease
  •  Testing the Divine level
  •  Codes used in Atlantis Healing System
  •  Diagnosis principle in Atlantis Healing System
  •  The patient and therapist positions during the Atlantis testing
  •  Test made in Atlantis healing System first degree
  •  Establishing the unique cause
  •  Time for diagnosis and treatment
  •  Reading the results of the testing
  •  Two symbols and how to use  
  • Diagnosis and treatment in Atlantis Healing System
  •  Using hands and symbols in treatment

Atlantis Healing System - Master Level

  1. 12 symbols and their uses
  2. Testing medicines, vitamins and homeopath remedies

  3. Treatment of the persons that present different entities on their spiritual body.

  4. Diagnosis and treatment

  5. The Atlantis pyramid

  6. The color code

  7. The quartz crystal technique

  8. The mental and absentee healing and programming

  9. The crystal technique

  10. Distance diagnosis and treatment for one or more persons

  11. Mantras that trigger huge energy shifts

  12. Learning, performing the attunements

      Atlantean Healing System-Master Level-$150.00

You will receive the Atlantean Healing System Master Manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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