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5 Ancient God Essences Attunements

Created by Hari

This Workshop includes 5 Ancient God Essence Attunements as follows:

This energy of essence allows you to see the brighter side of life. It uplifts you when everyday living is all too much. This essence brings joy and fun into your life. This energy asks you to indulge yourself and be pampered, because you deserve it. It allows you from a happy space to create the opportunities to enjoy the fullness of your life. Use as often as required.

Connect with Ra to shine the Light, to transform the inner you. The energy of this essence helps to transmute your lower based energies. Imagine your own pyramid, your unique acceleration chamber, then visualize yourself in your own center. Invoke Ra to fill your heart with Divine Sun-Light. Allow the Sun Light to permeate throughout your body, feeling the power of Light.

The energy of this essence brings peace within, because if there is no peace within, there is no peace without. The Essence brings the realization that the manifestation of peace, begins within ones own heart, ones own world, and then radiates out into the World. This mist and anointing oil can be used as often as required through out the day.

This attunement will take us to the depths of our Being where we will plant the seeds of a new beginning. The Poseidon Essence reflects the waters of life. Our water body matrix helps to assimilate profound change in our life without any ill effects. The change and its rate is up to us. Water is a powerful catalyst for change; it can reach into areas and carry away debris where perhaps other spiritual healing tools ca not. Water finds its own level, so we will not be flooded with too much at one time. It is recommended that The Poseidon Essence is taken first before any of the other energy to allow for cleaning and clearing.

This energy of essence is for strength and fortitude, giving us the bravery to venture forth from the black night of the soul. Connect with Odin as you mist and/or anoint and visualize a tube of light surrounding you from the Divine. Feel the connection and tap into the infinite resource of strengthening energy, filling every part of your Being. Visualize being infused with this Divine strength, feeling strong, centered and connected. With this connection, power comes from inner strength for in that unity with Divine, inner strength exists.

5 Ancient God Essences Attunements - Master-$30.00

You will receive the 5 Ancient God Essences Attunements manual via Email, All Attunements and a emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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