Teachings Of Spiritual Living By Wang

1. Cloistered Living: The wise man lives in a residence where there is a good opportunity to work on freeing the mind, without there being too much physical activity that might diminish one's energy.

2. Wandering like the Clouds: Wandering about the countryside, as commonly practiced in Daoism, can exhaust the body; it is better, Wang taught, to wander within the mind during meditation.

3. Study of texts: Sacred books are to be studied with an effort to perceive the inner meaning, and not get caught up with the literary quality.

4. Preparation of herbs: Studying herbs in their essence allows you to support your inner nature and destiny. All those who study the Dao must penetrate herbal lore. If you do not do so, you have no means to support the Dao.

5. Construction: One should live in modest reed-thatched huts, built personally. Fancy structures and precious palaces are to be found within one's own body.

5. Companions: Daoists should have a companion who will help out, particularly in times of sickness. Strong personal attachments should not be made, but companions should be chosen to help your journey: those with an illuminated mind, deep wisdom, and strong determination.

7. Sitting straight: Meditation practice should aim at a stable mind, with no influence from the outside world; an empty mind is the ideal.

8. Controlling the mind: Even when not meditating, the mind should always be deep and tranquil, not superficial and active with thoughts, projections, and imagination.

9. Refining original inner nature: It is necessary to find the middle way; harmony comes from tuning and refining the body and mind.

10. Pairing the five energies: Through inner alchemy, practiced by guiding the mind through the depths of the inner world, the body and mind become pure and bright.

11. Merging inner nature and destiny: "The relation of inner nature and destiny is like that of wild birds to the wind. They use it to float and soar, rising lightly. Saving their strength, they accomplish their flight with ease." One's inner nature must be tuned to the events of the world around so that one smoothly passes without encountering obstacles and becoming exhausted.

12. The Dao of the sage: Pursue the right practices and gain merit; then, even if the body ages and dies, your spirit remains immortal.

13. Going beyond the three worlds: The mind must let go of and forget the world of desire, the world of forms, and the world of formlessness; then it will become pure and the spirit will reside with the immortals and sages.

14. Nourish the eternal body: Be attached to nothing and the Dao will be realized; this will nourish the eternal body. Never yearn for the life you had before nor the ordinary world.

15. Leaving the world: When you realize the Dao, your body will be in the sphere of the ordinary, but your mind will be in the realm of the sages. Do not seek earthly immortality of the body; set your spirit free to leave the world.

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