Rev. George H. Malkmus

Editor, Hallelujah Health Tip

This week, I want to pick up on that same theme by saying: "All carnivorous animals in the wild were designed by God to eat their flesh food in its RAW form, so that they could properly nourish their physical bodies, which are also comprised of LIVING cells!" But RAW meat becomes DEAD FLESH when cooked, and thus in the COOKED form, cannot properly nourish LIVING cells. All carnivorous animals in the wild eat the flesh of their prey in the RAW form! As we study the anatomy and physiology of the human physical body God designed for each of us, it soon becomes very obvious that God did not design man to attack animals to obtain their food, nor did He design man's digestive system to process animal flesh, in either its raw or cooked form.

We all know that our automobile was designed to run on a certain type of fuel. How do we know this? Because when we put a low grade or contaminated fuel in the gas tank, the car will not run properly. Well, just as our automobile was designed by man to run on a certain type of fuel, God designed the physical bodies of each of His animal creations to run on a certain type of fuel also. For instance, the anatomy and physiology of cattle, rabbits, elephants, horses, sheep, and yes, MAN, reveal that each were designed to be fueled with RAW PLANT FOODS, while the anatomy and physiology of dogs, cats, lions, tigers, wolves, etc., reveal that they were designed to consume the RAW FLESH of plant eating animals.

When we attempt to determine the ideal foods God designed these human physical bodies to be nourished with, apart from what the Bible teaches us in Genesis 1:29, we can only discover this scientifically, and within the context of the human anatomy and physiology. Determining what diet God designed our physical bodies to be nourished with cannot be determined by what we have previously been taught, what we think, or even by what we or others around us eat. Rather, it can only be determined by what the Bible teaches, and scientific fact, as we look at our biological, biochemical, anatomical, and physiological makeup. Only by examining man's digestive system and physiological make up, along with taking into consideration the 100% living plant food diet God gave to His human creation in Genesis 1:29, can we determine man's optimal diet.

For instance, as we study the digestive system of man, and compare it to the digestive system of carnivorous animals, we see vast differences between the two. The alimentary canal of animals, which were designed to be flesh-eaters, is approximately 3 times body length. This short, smooth, fast-acting gut is absolutely necessary for animals designed to be carnivorous, because the flesh becomes rapidly toxic within the warm environment of the intestine, and poisonous putrefaction takes place if not expelled rapidly.

The alimentary canal of humans is about 30 feet in length, or approximately 5 to 6 times our body length, and is corrugated for the specific purpose of retaining food long enough for all nutrients to be extracted. This is the very worst possible condition for the digestion and processing of flesh foods. The digestive system of man was designed by God to move food through this lengthy digestive tract by means of FIBER! Animal flesh contains NO FIBER! Because there is no FIBER in animal flesh, animal flesh moves very slowly through the human digestive tract, in a very warm and moist environment of 98.6 degrees. This slow movement of the animal flesh, in this very warm environment, causes the flesh to putrefy. This putrefaction is what causes body odor, strong smelling stools, and because there is no FIBER to move the putrefied flesh along rapidly, causes constipation.

This FIBERLESS, putrefied flesh, moving ever so slowly through this very warm human digestive tract, becomes the primary cause of all colon problems - including Crohn's Disease, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis, Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS), Colon Cancer, and more. If animal flesh foods were eliminated from man's diet, we could practically eliminate all digestive and colon problems, including acid stomach problems and gout, which are caused by the highly acidic nature of animal foods. If humans stopped consuming animal flesh, these digestive and colon problems would cease, as would all the surgeries, radiation, and drugs used by the medical community in an effort to subdue the symptoms caused by the consuming of animal flesh.

I am rapidly running out of room for this Health Tip, so will conclude by giving just a few of the anatomical and physiological reasons why meat is not a suitable item for human consumption:

*** Flesh-eating animals have a short intestine and bowel enabling them to rapidly expel flesh foods before they putrefy and become poisonous. On the other hand, man has a very long, complicated alimentary canal, which enables plant nutrients to be slowly absorbed and assimilated.

***Flesh-eaters have a different type of intestinal bacterial flora than does man.

***Flesh-eaters have fangs and sharp pointed, widely separated teeth, that penetrate and kill, that rip and tear flesh, and are a feature of all true carnivores. Man's teeth are short and compact, without spacing, and are obviously not designed by the Creator for ripping and tearing flesh, but rather for masticating plant foods.

***Man can grind his jaw so that he can masticate plant foods. Flesh-eaters cannot do this, because their jaw moves vertically only.

***Man's saliva contains ptyalinto commence starch digestion, whereas flesh-eaters have no ptyalin.

***Flesh-eaters secrete 10-times the quantity of hydrochloric acid into the stomach than does man. This enables carnivores to ingest the flesh of other animals. Man does not have sufficient hydrochloric acid in the stomach to digest animal flesh.

In an effort to determine the foods man was designed by God to consume, in addition to the anatomical and physiological reasons, we can also envision man in his original state. In the early chapters of Genesis, it is not difficult to envision man in a beautiful garden setting, living close to nature, and eating the raw plant foods as God designed - While it becomes very difficult to envision man in a high rise apartment, purchasing animal flesh or other foods in plastic wrap, or cans, or jars, or boxes in a Supermarket, or cooking these foods on a stove using pots and pans, or in an oven, or in a microwave.

The teachings of today's 'nutritionists' has been strongly influenced by the financial interests of the meat, dairy, and egg industry, along with the food merchants who want us to purchase their white sugar, white flour, salt laden, processed, non-food items, loaded with toxic additives. The "Basic Four Food Groups" pyramid was strongly influenced by what the food industry wanted to produce and sell and which would make them the most profit - rather than by what our human physical bodies were designed by God to be nourished with. So, based on what we have learned, the big question becomes: "Were humans biologically designed by God to be plant-eaters (vegetarians), or to be masticators of animal flesh, (carnivores)?" You decide!

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