"The Tarot Energies Are The Greatest Virtue!" -Victor!

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf

The Tarot cards are more than just a deck of cards. Each Tarot card has a divine meaning and through our powerful Empowerments, you can use them to your greatest advantage.

For ages, humans have believed in the divinity of the Tarot cards and passed on these beliefs from one generation to the next and from one culture to another.

You will be empowered to activate and use the energies of the Tarot cards as instruments to gain powerful metaphysical understanding through energetic exploration.

The Tarot will become a tool for your personal transformation.

These empowerments will enhance your awareness and in the process expand your horizons by energetically bringing you the correct energies.

Living an empowered life means understanding that the future is not entirely predestined. Using the empowerments in this workshop you can help give yourself the best possible future outcome.

TAROT TRANSFORMATION EMPOWERMENTS represents the formative potency of the cards.

You are empowered from the formless void specific manifestations of each divine card so you can use the energies for your highest good.

Tarot Transformational Empowerments act as light-bearers against the darkness.

You are Attuned to each cards energetic truth and these truths activate every cell of your body.

Energetic knowledge of the major tarot cards hidden truths are the keys to the mysteries sought by all Initiates through out the ages.

These energies are beyond the limits of intellectual consciousness, and are the keys that help to open the doors leading to a higher order of knowing.

You will receive 22 divine energy esoteric Empowerments for the major Tarot cards.

Tarot Transformational Empowerments-$350.00

You will receive the correct Tarot Transformational Empowerments manual via Email, All Empowerments, emailed certificate. Plus full email support is given before, during and after all my Workshops.

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